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Thank you for your interest in SuperNOVA's Classroom Workshop program. To ensure your school is ready to register for workshops, please review this handy registration checklist:

  • You have reviewed our Workshops and Workshop Topics sections.
  • You have checked with all teachers at your school regarding their interest in SuperNOVA workshops.
  • You have picked two dates (a first and a second choice) for SuperNOVA to visit.  
  • See our booking calendar below for current information on available dates. 

Ready to register? 

Submit your workshop registration request using the form below. You will receive an email within 2 business days confirming your workshop registration. If you do not receive confirmation within 2 business days or hear from a SuperNOVA representative, your workshops are not booked and you should contact SuperNOVA.


Please be advised that SuperNOVA may not have the capacity to book workshops during the school year from September-April, as many of its instructors are students. SuperNOVA does not regularly monitor the request page from September-April, so if you would like to register for a workshop off-season please contact us at Thank you!

Requests for SuperNOVA's Computer Science workshops only are now being taken for June 12th-24th 2019! Please check the booking calendar below for availability on these dates.
*Please ensure that you are prepared to book for your all interested parties in your school before requesting, as we will not visit schools twice in one season.