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Actua provides training, resources and support to its national network of members located at universities and colleges across Canada in the delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education outreach programming. Each year, these members engage over 225,000 youth in 500 communities nationwide. Please visit Actua at

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SuperNOVA has developed six exciting, hands-on workshops to help Girl Guides units earn their science, engineering and technology badges. Instructors have combined SuperNOVA’s favourite activities and demonstrations with the outcomes of each badge to ensure the badge requirements are met.

Workshops can be delivered at your unit meeting location within the Halifax Regional Municipality or SuperNOVA can host your unit at Dalhousie University. 


$65 - Per workshop hosted at your unit location.
$45 - Per workshop hosted at Dalhousie University.


Workshops are 1 to 1.5 hours in length and the maximum group size is 25 participants.

If you are interested in booking a badge workshop please contact us at and our Badge Program Coordinator will work with you directly to pick a workshop and arrange a suitable time.



Visit Dalhousie’s Planetarium, one of the oldest in the country to explore the sun, the stars, and beyond OR explore the stars from a location of your choosing! We will learn about the North Star and other constellation, how to use a star map and how a telescope works to help us see things light years away!

Body Works

Explore the digestive system in a really fun, slightly gross, hands-on experiment that shows just how it happens. Measure your heart rate, test your vision, lift your fingerprints, and learn about importance of fat and muscle through a ‘cool’ interactive demonstration!


Chemistry is all around us; the world is made up of tiny bits and pieces that work together in interesting and unique ways. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, this workshop investigates chemical reactions, polymers, chromatography and pH levels!


This exciting hands-on workshop will expose your troop to the importance of engineering, types of engineering and incredible female engineers that have made improvements on our world! From simple machines to a building challenge, participants will learn about the tools and the trade of Engineering.


The science of chemistry, physics and biology are part of our everyday lives and there’s incredible female role models in all of these fields! Participants will do their own chemistry, build a contraption using concepts of physics and test their observation and description skills in a game of scientific pictionary.


Using the fundamental laws guiding our universe, participants will complete a series of challenges and hands-on activities! The laws of motion, friction and gravity will be explored as well as light and colour through an interactive circuit board. Finally, participants will build their own take home kaleidoscope!


*NEW* Computer Science and Coding

Problem-solving, logic and design skills are all things we use everyday, but they’re especially important in the world of computer science. Learn to code small robots, build and design devices and use microprocessors to build and code your own creation!

*NEW* Ocean Science

Dive into the deep blue with this new program. Covering aspects of ocean literacy, we’ll explore hot ocean topics with experiments in ocean acidification, deep sea exploration and an oil spill clean-up challenge!