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Actua provides training, resources and support to its national network of members located at universities and colleges across Canada in the delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education outreach programming. Each year, these members engage over 225,000 youth in 500 communities nationwide. Please visit Actua at

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SuperNOVA's Mentoring Program connects inspiring and dynamic mentors in STEM-related fields with participants in all of our programs!

Through exciting presentations, engaging workplace tours, and fun hands-on activities related to their education, occupation, and personal story, mentors help participants step into their shoes and start exploring the diversity of STEM fields. These valuable experiences equip participants to be better make important academic or career decisions and start imaging the possibilities for their future.

SuperNOVA works closely with our mentors to assist with logistics, planning, and tailoring their mentor experience to best fit the learning styles of our participants.

Become a Mentor

Are you a graduate student, researcher, or professional in a field related to science, engineering, technology or mathematics? Are you looking to share your work with the community? SuperNOVA invites you to visit our programs! We have many opportunities to mentor throughout the year and can accommodate most schedules.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in mentoring SuperNOVA's participants for one or multiple sessions please complete the following form.
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