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To keep camp running safely and smoothly, please be sure you are familiar with our on-campus camp policies. 

Registration and Payment Policy

Camp registrations are not considered final until a deposit has been received or a camp bursary has been awarded and accepted.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

SuperNOVA has a NON-REFUNDABLE registration deposit of $50 per camp.  Refunds for remaining fees will be issued if cancellation is received 7 days prior to the start of camp.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations once a camp is in progress.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up and Extended Care

Camper drop-off runs from 8:30AM until 9:00AM

Camper pick-up runs from 4:00PM until 4:30PM. Only authorized individuals can pick-up campers.

Extended Care

For an additional $20.00 fee for the week, SuperNOVA is also pleased to offer our extended-care service. This extends drop-off from 8:00AM and pick-up until 5:15PM. Sign up for this additional service will be done via our online registration system.

Campers who do not opt-in for extended care and who are dropped-off early or picked-up late 2 or more times may be charged the extended-care rate.

Lunches & Snacks

Snack breaks are given in the morning and afternoon and lunch takes place every day between 12:00PM and 1:00PM.

Campers are responsible for providing their own lunches and snacks, unless otherwise notified by SuperNOVA. All campers are required to bring lunches. Campers will not be permitted to purchase lunches on site.

In order to minimize any allergic reactions, we ask that campers DO NOT BRING NUTS OR NUT PRODUCTS for lunch or snack.

Camp Swim Test

All campers in Grade 3 and above will be able to take a swim test at The Dalplex. Successful completion of the test will allow them to swim without a lifejacket and in the deep end. Any campers that do not pass the swim test on the first try will not be permitted to re-take the swim test in the same summer. 


To ensure that camp is a safe and positive learning environment, we have rules that all SuperNOVA participants and staff must follow. On the first day of camp these rules will be reviewed. If your participant has difficulty observing these rules, we may call you and ask for your assistance and advice with helping them have a more positive experience.

If they cannot change their behaviour and become a risk to the program, staff or other participants, we will ask you to come pick them up. When sending your child to camp, we appreciate your cooperation and willingness to aid in conflict resolution should a discipline issue arise.

No refunds will be issued for children removed from camp for behavioural issues. 

Health and Well-Being

In order to ensure the health and safety of all  campers and staff, we reserve the right to send sick campers home. Any camper displaying flu like symptoms including headache, chills, cough followed by fever, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, muscle aches and fatigue, runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat or other ailments may be asked to leave camp. Parents/Guardians are responsible for pick-up.

If the camper returns to camp later in the week and continues to display symptoms, SuperNOVA will phone the parent and ask them to remove the camper and withdraw from camp for the remainder of the week.

If a camper is removed from SuperNOVA for illness when less than half the camp week (2 days or fewer) has been completed a full refund (less the $50 deposit) will be issued. If more than half the camp has been completed, a 50% refund (less the $50 deposit) will be issued. 


SuperNOVA staff members are NOT permitted to administer medicine to your camper. Staff are permitted to store medications and supervise your camper when they are taking medicine. Please notify SuperNOVA of any medications that are brought to camp so that we can ensure that your camper health and behavioural information is current.


SuperNOVA Instructors receive Emergency First Aid and WHMIS training, in addition to in-depth childcare and classroom management. SuperNOVA staff carry first-aid kits to handle minor incidents.

For major health emergencies, Dalhousie Security will be contacted to provide support, in consultation with SuperNOVA staff. Parents/guardians will be immediately notified of any incident via the emergency contact information provided during registration.

Accessibility and Inclusion

SuperNOVA will make every attempt to support campers with exceptional needs to participate fully in camp. If you think your camper would benefit from additional support, we strongly encourage you to contact SuperNOVA and speak to management so that appropriate arrangements can be made. We can be contacted directly at 

Financial Assistance (Bursary Program)

SuperNOVA is proud to provide full and partial bursaries to youth who face financial barriers and would otherwise be unable to participate in our programming. Please read more about our Bursary Program.

SuperNOVA Media Consent Policy 

I, hereby authorize SuperNOVA, Irving Shipbuilding, Dalhousie University, and Actua, the National organization to which SuperNOVA is a member, to photograph, audio record, video record, podcast and/or webcast the child (digitally or otherwise) without charge; and to allow SuperNOVA and Actua to copy, modify and distribute in print and online, those images that include your child in whatever appropriate way either SuperNOVA and/or Actua sees fit without having to seek further approval.