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Below you will find information on SuperNOVA camp streams and age groups.

Age Groups

To ensure activities suit participants prior knowledge and abilities, SuperNOVA's camps are grouped by the grade that the camper will be entering next September:
  • Grades 1-2: Stars
  • Grades 3-5: Moons
  • Grades 6-8: Comets
  • Grades 9-12: Catalyst
  • ITS for Girls Who Code: Grades 4-6


Camp Descriptions:


Available age groups: Grades 1-8
SuperNOVA’s science camps are full of exciting experiments, demonstrations, and games that will allow campers to explore the science in the world around them. Campers will learn about physics, biology, chemistry, and more through impactful, hands-on activities. SuperNOVA instructors come from diverse educational backgrounds, so each year curriculum is guaranteed to be fresh and exciting for both new and returning campers.  Click here to register.


Available age groups: Grades 1-8
Through our engineering program, campers get to do hands-on projects and activities that show the importance and diversity of this exciting field! Through a series of high-quality designing and building projects, campers learn the value of teamwork while investigating the world of engineering, and learn about potential careers in this field. Every year, SuperNOVA instructors work toward providing brand-new curriculum that can be enjoyed by campers of all abilities. Click here to register.

Computer Science & Technology

Available age groups: Grades 1-8
Campers will get a glimpse of the future as we learn about the many ways that computers, networks, and robotics are changing our lives. SuperNOVA's Computer Science and Technology camps are held in Dalhousie's computer labs, and feature tons of fun and exciting projects and puzzles. Computer Science & Technology are constantly evolving, so campers in this program will learn about emerging ideas in the field through new curriculum every year.Click here to register.


Available age groups: Grades 1-8
Did you know that Dalhousie University is a global leader in Ocean research? Our Oceans program will dive deep into the exciting science, engineering, and technology behind the latest discoveries. Campers will participate in unique hands-on activities, behind-the-scenes lab tours, and will have the opportunity to engage with scientists who are making waves in Ocean Science & Marine Biology research. With fresh curriculum every year, new and returning campers are “shore” to have a whale of a time! Click here to register.



Space & Exploration 

Available age groups: Grades 3-8
In SuperNOVA's new Space and Exploration program campers will be exposed to the science and technology behind the exploration of space. Campers will have the opportunity to do exciting hands-on activities in physics, atmospheric science, astronomy, and engineering concepts! With a visit to the planetarium, and mentors working and studying in space related fields, campers will learn all about the wide variety of fields associated with space research. 


Available age groups: Grades 1-5
Budding naturalists will spend their week at camp learning about the physics, chemistry and biology of our very own Earth. From tiny microscopic organisms to towering ancient trees, campers will play fun games, witness exciting demonstrations and perform their own experiments all while becoming an advocate for the environment. 


Agriculture (Truro Campus)

Available age groups: Grades 1-5
Our Agriculture program will teach campers all about the exciting world of agriculture and how breakthrough technologies help us advance in this field everyday in a sustainable manner. Through a series of fun experiments, demonstrations and games campers will get in touch with their roots and even get a chance to see some cutting edge research by Dalhousie Scientists.

I.T.S. for Girls Who Code!

Available age groups: Grades 4-6
These high impact for camp for girls feature exciting and inspiring computer science and technology programs that are taught by female students in computer science fields. Featuring female mentors and volunteers, this program is intended for all those who identify as girls. Click here to register.

CATALYST Skills Program

Available age groups: Grades 9-12
2019 Theme: Engineering
This TWO WEEK program for high school students, takes a look at what it’s like being a STEM student at Dalhousie University. Participants will go hands-on in real laboratory experiments led by professors. In addition to tours of campus, participants will meet and greet with members of the Dalhousie University community to discuss academic options and opportunities. Click here to register

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